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Ramesh Soundararajan

Partner, Culstran Consulting and author

Sanjay Shelvankar

CEO, Scalene Works

Sarita Digumarti

Founder, Jigsaw Academy

Dr. J.B. Simha

CTO/Director (Analytics), Abiba Systems

Program Objectives

This three month weekend program is designed to help fast rising HR professionals to improve their data driven decision making skills. The program intend to provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills on best practices, metrics, processes, tools in HR Analytics domain to improve personal decision making capabilities and overall business performance.


This program is an end to end solution to all the HR data analytical issues. The facilitator, teams, and individual participants work in sync to develop the skills needed to make maximum out of data.

  • 24/7 online access to course materials through LMS.
    Simulations will be used extensively to dissect the data.
  • Major Modelling Techniques used include Regression Models, Decision Trees, Classifications, Recommendations, Forecasting and Neural Networks.
  • Classroom discussions facilitated by trainers will provide strong base to the knowledge levels of participants.
  • Capstones projects based on individual organization’s needs. Mentoring would be provided by experts throughout the project.
  • Proprietary Case studies with real-time datasets.
  • Group discussions are inbuilt in all the courses nurturing peer learnings and persuasive communications.